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Elephant Pants


Elephant pants are quickly becoming the favorite choice for travelers and yogis in Asia. Many people in our entourage consisting of yogis, meditation practitioners and nature lovers have expressed their love for these and wear them almost every day of the week, so we decided that it was time to bring this trend to the rest of the world with the Bohemian Pants™ edition. Everyone now have access to this beautiful style and can bring some originality into their lives.

They are perfect for yoga sessions because of the extremely comfortable and light design that ensures your body is free to do any movements and poses. Like all Bohemian Pants, they can also be worn in different ways such as low waist by folding the elastic waistband for hot days or for a different look. These unique beautiful colors will make your travelling buddies jealous! Not only light and comfortable, but being one size fits all make them a perfect gift to give for a friend or family member. Click here to see all our Elephant Pants

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