harem yoga pants with peacock print

We were inspired from the peacock to create these magnificent harem yoga pants. In the yogic traditions, the peacock is seen as beauty, strength, compassion, and the skill to destroy snakes or, even better, digest their venom. It is also an emblem of love, good-will, and kind-heartedness. It is said that if you practice the mayurasana yoga pose (peacock pose) you will be able to digest any poison and avoir food poisoning.  Inspired by their cool feathers, we created these pants that you will love.

They are extremely light, soft and comfortable. You will feel light as a bird in these babies. Fore every pants that you buy, 10% of profit will go directly to Love Wildlive Foundation to help save peacocks and other wild animals. They are one size fits most (from S – L) so they are perfect to buy as a gift or just for yourself. You will love these harem yoga pants guaranteed!